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Friday, March 23, 2012

Table Switcheroo

We bought our kitchen table about 9 years ago from Bassett.  It has been a great table!  When we purchased it we were only a family of 4.  So after we became a family of 5 and our 3rd child out grew the high chair we started bringing an extra chair to the table for meals.  We aren't able to fit another chair around the table since the legs are on the outside...uggghhh!
original kitchen table
Since we moved away from my family we NEVER host holidays so we really have no use for a formal dining room.  We have GRAND plans for our dining room.  We plan to turn that room into a game room complete with the pool table from Pottery Barn really soon when we hit the lottery!

So for now we thought why not try the dining room table in the kitchen.  It's bigger!  It has 6 chairs rather than 4!  And when we have our friends over there is more room for our games of Mexican Dominoes!
Dining room table moved to kitchen

Although the size was right...the finish wasn't. Our floors and cabinets are almost the same color.  Which is also the same color as both the kitchen & dining room tables.  So...I decided to paint the dining room table & chairs. 

I primed the table and 6 chairs...then they sat like that quite some time (ummm...I think it may have been like 9 months).  Seriously...I was so indecisive about whether to paint them white or black.  I scoured blogs, pinterest & other places for some inspiration.  I had success painting our bedroom furniture black.  You can see that transformation here.   But our counter tops are black as well as our bar stools & desk chair so I didn't want it to be too dark. Our kitchen is at the back of the house and only has sunlight in the early morning.  I finally talked myself into white & bought the paint about 4 months ago.  And I just started painting them a few weeks ago.  
painting in progress
And here is the completed project...
Dining table transformed

I recovered the chairs with a drop cloth. 
Original dining chair

Dining chair transformed

The drop cloth was a little lighter than I was hoping for and the chairs looked a little plain.  You can see the pillow I bought several months ago and used it as my inspiration for the chairs here.

Here are a few more pictures of the table transformation.

 I distressed the table & chairs to give it a more rustic look. 

I'm really loving the finished product.  Although it took me forever because I couldn't make a decision. Seriously I better gain more confidence & become more decisive so I can get moving on my list of projects!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Party of 5

Hey there!  It's like a Friday around here because my kids have no school tomorrow....yeah!!!  I've been a busy bee working on a project the past couple weeks & I will be ready to show you soon!   But for is a before picture of one of our dining room chairs that I'm giving a total makeover...

And here is the inspiration for part of this furniture makeover.  I found this awesome pillow at Steinmart a few months ago & had to have it since we are a family of 5!!!  And it looks perfectly at home in our family room.  Can't wait to show you the before & after pictures!