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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Organizing a Couple Kitchen Cabinets

I am extremely fortunate to have lots of cabinet space in our kitchen.  The downside to all that space is my lack of organization.  I tend to just throw the stuff I don't know what to do with in a cabinet.  And now I have several cabinets with lots of unused junk in them.  I will get to them eventually very soon! :)

I've been stalking researching pinterest & blogs for organizing ideas.  I have 2 cabinets for some food items we don't keep in the pantry.  I thought I'd start with those since they didn't seem too daunting. it did not take me 2 hours to clean them out & reorganize.  I know it's a problem I suffer from...indecision.  I freeze up...but seriously does it matter in the grand scheme of things which shelf I put the syrup on?

Here is the cabinet I keep most of our baking supplies in before I cleaned it out.  Not terrible but lots opened bags & containers.  Several expired bags of nuts & coconut from recipes I made once. 

I threw away all the expired food.  And put the big containers of sugar & flour in the pantry closet.  I put the loose sprinkles, icing, cupcake papers, cookie cutters,etc. in clear plastic bins.  Unfortunately, these cabinets aren't very deep & I couldn't find any bins that fit front to back.  So these are not exactly space saving but at least it's organized.   I thought I'd put my glass cake stand in that empty spot but it didn't fit.  :(
Here is the after....

I used a small basket to corral some bags of nuts, baking soda & extracts.

Now I just have to take a bin out when I'm baking rather than rummaging through the cabinet looking for something. 

This food cabinet wasn't too bad.  It holds all the other items we need while cooking like oils, vinegars, etc.  I moved our spices out of this cabinet a while ago to a drawer which works much better for finding what I need. 

I just moved the drink items (crystal light, tea, hot chocolate) to the baking cabinet and the syrup & peanut butter to this one.  And now I have an entire top shelf empty.  Not sure what to store up there as I can't reach it without a step stool and I'm 5'7"!  Again it's a shallow cabinet so a lot of my serving dishes that I don't use often won't fit up there.

Well...that's 2 cabinets done.  Now to tackle the rest of them....and the pantry closet!  Have you organized something lately that makes your life just a little bit more simple?

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  1. Here from Delightful Order - Perhaps if you buy things in bulk or have extra's of things you could put those on the top shelf? Or rotate hot chocolate, special dish towels or other seasonal things up there.