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Friday, June 8, 2012

Teacher Gifts

Today is the last day of school for my kids.  Can't believe how fast this year flew by...wish I could slow time down just a bit.  My oldest is finishing 8th grade today...onto high school next year...WOW!

I wanted to share the gifts we made for the teachers of my two younger children.  There are a ton of ideas on pinterest!   I copied borrowed a couple of them from other bloggers.  Hey, that's why they are out there right...for us to find inspiration from to create our own...or just plain 'ol copy them! ;)

Anyway, here are the gifts we did this year.  This one I put together for the teacher's aides.  The original can be found here with a free printable download for the flags.  I bought the cups at TJ Maxx, added lemonade packets and the flag...perfectly cute, simple & inexpensive gift idea.

At the last minute I found out that the student teacher who has worked in my daughters class from time to time was going to be at their class party.  Back to pinterest for something quick!  Found these cute poems here.  Filled a bag with mints I already had at home, printed the poem & added cute scrapbook paper & ribbon.

As a room parent I collected contributions for a class gift for the teacher.  We got her a Visa gift card so that she could use it wherever she wanted.  But I was searching for a creative presentation for the ordinary gift card.  TipJunkie is an awesome source for creative ideas.  Totally copied this one.  I printed out the tag & used a leaf punch I had bought for my sisters wedding. Wrapped the gift card in scrapbook paper & tied it all together with jute twine.  Isn't it adorable?!  I just love this one!!

Although the class gift was given to the teacher I wanted to give her a little something from my daughter.   This is what I came up with...

Again pinterest had some great inspiration but I added my own twist by spray painting the flower pots with chalkboard paint.  That way they can reuse the pots...maybe even for herbs & label them.   I made one for my son's teacher as well.  The kids added their teacher's names to the pots.

Happy Last Day of School!!!!

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  1. These came out great... a lot of people have great ideas AM, but you have both ideas (despite where you *aquire* them) and great execution.