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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

Hey there...look at me writing again...two nights in a row! Woohoo!!  Don't get too excited I just uploaded a bunch of pictures for my blog last I thought I'd go back & share some things that we've done over the summer.  

I'll start with a recent one...back to school for my three kiddos!  We are already in our 2nd week of school.  We started here last Monday.  This year was a big one for my oldest...he started high school.  How can that be???  Wasn't it only yesterday he was walking to the bus stop for kindergarten?

Jake - kindergarten (2003)
And first baby is in high school...I'm the parent of a high school!!!

Jake - 9th grade (HS Freshman Class of 2016)

My little now in 5th & 3rd grades.  They are still both in elementary school...together!!  Next year I'll have 3 kids in 3 different school.  So for now I need to remind myself how fast the year will fly by and to enjoy every moment!

Gavin -5th grade

Emma - 3rd grade

 While they were in school navigating their new classes...I spent the morning missing them.  So I  baked them homemade chocolate chip cookies!  Yum! 

Whether you've started school in your area already or you will be starting soon...I wish everyone moms, dads & kids a very successful school year!


  1. I wish our kids went to different schools, so that mine started a week later and I could steal your left over cookies and note card.

  2. You're such a good mom! And I am curious about this thing that Erin mentioned. What are left over cookies exactly? Don't think I've ever heard of those.... LOL!

  3. Awesome! I miss those faces! Aunt Gina